Whatdoya' need?

Depending on your production needs, we've got 7 stages for your consideration. Here's an overview of each space. For more detailed info, click on the image.




Stage 3 is also an ideal location to host your corporate event or party. For examples of how the spaces can be utilized for your next event, click here.





South Studio

South Studio B is a large, air conditioned, fully equipped modern studio that offers complete security. It contains a large 3 sided cyc cove and an additional wall space (no cyc) for product tabletop, portraiture with a background, automotive interiors or vehicle prep. Also includes a flying flat on its own track with remote control




North Studio

North Studio A is an extra large, air conditioned, fully equipped modern studio offering complete security. It contains a large 3 sided cyc on one
end and a large eggshell cove on the opposite side.                                                 

Medium Stages

Daylight Stage

Rooftop Stage

We offer three different studios in the medium studio category with the primary differences whether or not the studio has a cyc, eggshell or production wall. All medium studios come with 1000 amps of power and all of the same facilities that the larger studios offer.



The daylight studio is drenched in natural sunlight from dawn to dusk and has black out capabilities. It contains 100ft. of 14ft.  high glass and is a fabulous space for shooting fashion, portraiture and product tabletop shots.



The Rooftop Studio is a wide open outdoor space with an unobstructed view, perfect for automotive and fashion photographers.




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