46ft. W x 102ft. D x 26ft. H

South Studio B is a large, air conditioned, fully equipped modern studio that offers complete security. It contains a large 3 sided cyc cove and an additional wall space - no cyc - for product tabletop, portraiture with a background, automotive interiors or vehicle prep. It also includes a flying flat on its own track with remote control.


The stage has 2000 amp power and dozens of outlets available for either hot or strobe lights. If you need to use our lights or other studio equipment such as cameras, large light box, grip or backgrounds we will be happy to help you with a package that perfectly meets your needs.


This stage comes with a private kitchen, restrooms, dressing room, client lounge-meeting room, internet access, and an experienced stage manager to assist you with everything you need. This stage is also a favorite of our clients whose needs may require total privacy for a celebrity or high profile guest or a prototype vehicle that requires being unloaded inside of the stage without any viewing from the outside.

North Studio A Rental Includes:

   Stage 10 hours

   Stage manager 10 hours - Monday - Friday

   Weekends additional

   Private kitchen

   Private restrooms

   Private dressing room

   Internet access

   Flying flat

   Private entrance

   Overhead door (exterior) 10ft. x14ft.

   Electronic key cards for stage access


   Camera draw 102ft.

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